Working Here!

An Inclusive and Person-Centered Culture

Be Part of Something Bigger!

At Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, we offer a different kind of work culture—one that’s inclusive and person-centered. That means celebrating the unique skills and personalities our team members bring to their jobs. It means taking the time to build positive relationships with our residents and each other. And it means seeking opportunities to create meaningful moments for the people we serve. Working here is about more than just doing a job—it’s about making a difference no matter what your role. Here, you can find a career that allows you to feel welcomed, valued and respected!

Creating a Welcoming Environment

When you walk into one of our communities, you’ll feel at home. Sit down in the dining room for a lively conversation with a resident. Stop into one of our activity rooms to witness inspiring moments in the making. Build lasting relationships with the residents and colleagues around you. Our homelike environment is not only beneficial for our residents—it also creates an inviting workplace for our team members. Explore a unique workplace where the people you meet become family!

Investing in Your Future

Our team members bring their unique qualities and experiences to work—they’re what make us so special! We value them and the time they invest in our residents and patients. In return, we are proud to invest in their futures, offering tuition reimbursement for continued education and other opportunities for growth and development. Find your passion here—and start on your career path!